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Kathryn Irey

Owner / Director of Stage 7

Kathryn Irey - DancerPerformer

Kathryn Irey’s dancing was an exquisite embodiment of both frailty and strength with delicacy of movement and beautiful line. She is one of those dancers of whom you cannot quite say where one motion ends and the next begins.” –John Willett, SD Magazine

Teacher Classical Ballet

The brilliance of Kathryn Irey as a ballet teacher is evident on the face of each student who enters the studio. The students who attend Stage 7 come from all walks of life and age groups with a wide range of aspirations. Some dance for their own personal fulfillment while others are aspiring professionals. But no matter who steps onto the dance floor, Kathryn treats each student as an individual. She says, If you focus only on the body and building muscles, if you ignore the intellect and spirit, you’re not going to satisfy the heart of those who love to dance.” –Felicia Solito

Kathryn Irey-DirectorArts Educator Special Education

I am a teacher of bilingual special education classes for children with learning disabilities. This past year my class joined primary GATE class for 6 months of weekly sessions with instructors from Stage 7. This has been an extraordinary experience for my students. The growth that we have noted in awareness, self-esteem, motor coordination, and freedom of expression, in many cases exceeded my expectations. Many of our youngsters have serious physical handicaps, yet little by little, with gentle and affirming instruction they received from Kathryn Irey these handicaps were almost forgotten. I have been in the field of special education for fifteen years and no other program has been as rewarding.” –Asia Price, Perkins Elementary School

Arts Education Arts Infused Curriculum

Not only were gross motor skills and body awareness heightened, but also vocabulary development and math concepts were explored in the weekly dance classes. A few of the lower-achieving students were experiencing a lack of understanding in math concepts. After a few weeks of participating in the movement sessions, of listening to the pianists and watching Kathryn Irey these students came to an understanding that otherwise would not have developed.” –Paul Arbaillo. Sherman Elementary

Arts Education Research and Teacher Training

In my capacity as director of Arts Are Basic I have observed Ms. Irey teach and direct seminars in many locations across our nation. She is, in my estimation, one of the finest arts educators with whom I am acquainted. Ms. Irey worked for five years as a research consultant with Harvard’s Project Zero and Dr. Howard Gardner. This research project culminated in a presentation at the Lincoln Center Institute for Aesthetic Education in 1995, about which colleagues stated, ˜ Ms. Irey’s presentation was the highlight of the conference.’ ” Her aesthetic sense is keen, her ability to empower people to achieve beyond their own expectations is superb, and her belief in the centrality of the arts to life is unbounded. She is an extremely articulate spokesperson for both arts and education and has represented the San Diego Institute at regional and national education councils and conferences.” –Kit Voorhees, Arts Are Basic – Institute for Arts Ed.

Mentor to emerging teaching artists

Through the medium of dance Kathryn cultivates communities of life-long learners, while developing the students’ critical thinking skills, and expanding students’ abilities to wield complex concepts and patterns. Kathryn’s lessons are finely-tuned structures which lead students to make discoveries and take ownership of their own learning process.” –Jean Steiner, Math Teacher UCSD/ choreographer